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Saturday, May 14, 2011 2:01 | Filled in NC diving

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Welcome to my new blog.  Read my About Me page for a little info on who I am.  Let me tell you about this site and why I am writing it.  This is not about me.  Well, of course, it is.  But, what I am trying to state is that this site is about me telling you all the cool things that I experience doing one of the activities that I love.  Learning to scuba dive is a live-changing event.  I want to relate my experiences so that you finally decide to try some of these things, yourself.  Live through me, but ultimately, live with me.


Just recently, May 7th, our local dive shop, Aquatic Safaris, held its annual Safari Hunt to kick off the current diving season.  The water was nice and I was able to get a couple fun dives in. I got to see some old and new friends in the water.  This was my first ocean dive of the year off the North Carolina coast and it felt good.


I have high expectations for the North Carolina diving this year.  I have a new camera setup and I plan to take a lot of pictures and video of all the cool places and things that the coast has to offer.  Sand tiger sharks on the Hyde, the ‘cathedral’ on the Rosin, Megalodon teeth from the fossil ledge, the list goes on.


Aquatic Safaris Safari Hunt 2011

Safari Hunt 2011

As the local divers tend to say around here, the diving off the North Carolina coast is some of the best in the world.  It is a hidden gem that people do not know about unless they find some reason to come here.  Well, thats a problem in my book.  I want people to hear about what we have and I want as many people as possible to experience what North Carolina diving is all about.


Check back here every now and then and hopefully I can get you hooked on scuba diving and exploring the North Carolina coast from under the waves.



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