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Saba 2010

Welcome to my site!  I hope to be doing a bit of writing and posting of my underwater experiences here.  Let me give you a little background of who I am and what you may find here.  I am Frank Yue.  I was born in Wilmington, NC in 1967 and spent a good amount of my youthful days in the water, whether it was in a swimming pool, at the beach or on a boat.  Due to my upbringing, I was always interested in the aquatic ecosystems and wasted countless hours turning over rocks and digging holes everywhere.  I got my scuba certification in 1985 with NAUI while I was in college and went down to Australia to do some diving around Melbourne.  The diving was cold, but amazing.  I dove in a thick stiff wetsuit and we used Navy dive tables.  I saw blue-ringed octopii, Port Jackson sharks, crinoids, urchins, fish of all kinds, Australian fur seals, even a great white once.


Skip ahead 23 years to 2008 and my son, who is in the Navy, wants to get certified.  Of course, I decide to start diving again, and go through the PADI open water certification course with him.  I am hooked once again!  We go through our advanced training and enriched air (Nitrox) so we can dive offshore to the Fossil Ledge where Megalodon teeth are purported to be found  (of course, this is one of the primary reasons he wanted to learn to dive).  We find our teeth, but we discover that there is a lot more out there.  We find new sea life to experience and the thrill of diving wrecks off the North Carolina coast.  We dive to find our keepsakes, whether they are artifacts from wrecks or pictures utilizing underwater still and video cameras.  My son is now in California, but I have not lost my passion for the water.  I have continued my dive training, having recently obtained my Open Water Scuba Instructor certification.  If you want to learn to dive or continue your education, drop me a line. I can be reached at scuba@tyteanalytics.com


I will post articles about my diving experiences and thoughts about the diving community in general, and I will post photos and video of all the cool diving related things that I run into whether it is above ground or under the waves somewhere.



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